All materials and equipment included

Private Courses in Montreal

You can choose any of the ready-made courses and it will be adapted specifically for your capabilities and desires.

Or together with the Master, you will build an individual program.



This express course will serve to introduce watercolor painting to students who have had no exposure to these mediums. Learn the best ways to use materials and the steps to begin watercolor painting. You will learn essential painting techniques from a master painter, such as Wet in Wet, Flat and Graded Wash Technique.



If you have ever wanted to do watercolor painting but do not know how to cope with these particular paints, this course is for you. Explore the joy of creating expressive and lively paintings. The instructor will help you create stunning paintings using a fresh and contemporary approach with watercolors.


Using these techniques will allow you to use the maximum potential of watercolor paints. Combining different methods and techniques, you will achieve the highest order of expressiveness in your paintings. Besides the basics of working with watercolor and color mixing rules you will explore:


  • Wet in Wet Technique

  • Flat and Graded Wash Technique

  • Dry Brush Technique

  • Glazing Technique

  • Lifting Off Technique

  • Spray Technique

  • Edge Softening


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