Supply List of Materials 
Recommended list of materials for my masterclasses.


If you have some favorite brand of watercolor paper, by all means, use it.

Hot press paper is NOT recommended.
100% cotton 140 pound Rough press (Torchon) paper from Saunders or Arches,

size from 11 x 15 to 15 x 22 inch depending on your preference.



  • Round paintbrush (or mop) squirrel, goat or equivalent (approximately #12)

  • Round sharp paintbrush (or rigger, liner) (approximately #4)

  • Flat strong brush for watercolor (approximately 3/4“ width).


If you have any favorite brush set feel free to use it.

Asian calligraphy brushes are very welcome (goat, rat, etc).


I highly recommend Daniel Smith watercolor in tubes.
In case of impossibility you can use any other professional brand. 
Small sets for travel are NOT recommended.

We need basic color set + the following colors.
It is highly recommended to have set (we will use it a lot):


  • Quinacridone Sienna

  • Perylene Violet

  • Indigo

  • Cobalt Blue

  • Viridian Green


Masking tape, any board for stretch paper, pencil, eraser,
simple hair dryer and Paper towels. Michael Solovyev © All right reserved. 2020
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